About Us

 About Us

WRiTEON is an open scriptwriting forum made up of a large and diverse group of writers, actors, directors and producers from the Cambridge region and beyond.

What we do:

  • Provide a supportive and creative environment to encourage established and emerging playwrights, actors and directors to experiment and develop their skills.
  • Organise professionally led Workshops for theatre, radio and screen writers, actors and directors.
  • Stage Seasons of rehearsed readings such as our First Stage (formerly Naked Stage) and MaD (Monologues and Duologues) seasons.
  • Stage fully-rehearsed, fully-staged Productions of new writing, such as our critically acclaimed collaborative project, Butterfly Effect (4 Stars- Varsity & Cambridge Theatre Review).
  • Offer a paid Feedback service where our experienced drama practitioners and writers will read your script and offer you face-to-face feedback on your writing.
  • Work with other organisations in Cambridgeshire to foster the vibrant new writing and community of our region.

Our Annual Report for 2014-15 is available here.

Our Annual Report for 2015-16 is available here.

Who runs WRiTEON?

WRiTEON is run by a committee comprising:

Izzy Rees- Business and Finance Manager

Izzy grew up in Cambridge and found a love of acting with such pivotal roles as “One of the Three Kings” in her primary school nativity and “Penguin Number 2” in Alice In Wonderland. She first acted for WRiTEON in 2010 and has regularly performed in our seasons of staged readings and various other projects. After a couple of years acting with WriteOn she tried her hand at producing and directing, and has more recently made use of her love of spreadsheets as the committee treasurer. Outside of WriteOn Izzy also performs with various other local groups in shows at the ADC and Corpus Playroom, as well as several years of acting and singing silly songs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Kim Komljanec- Artistic Director

Kim Komljanec is a playwright, dramaturge and theatre director. After a degree in French and Slovenian languages and literature from the University Of Ljubljana, Slovenia, she was awarded an MA in playwriting and script development from the University of Exeter, UK in 2010. Kim has had numerous plays produced by both fringe and big repertory theatres in Slovenia, as well as several of her short plays staged in the UK. She was a resident international playwright with the Royal Court Theatre and has had a full-length play staged in the USA. Kim writes in both English and Slovenian languages and currently lives in Cambridge (UK) where she WRiTEON in 2013 and soon got involved as a writer, actor, director, committee member and workshop leader until taking over as chair in the spring of 2016.

Emma Harpley- Communications & Publicity Coordinator

Maturing from a childhood playing angels (on stage and off), Emma has, more recently, sought darker roles – anything, really – in which to explore the bumpy complexities of life.

Her studies in English literature, drama and French led to telling stories for a living, as a journalist, editor and teacher.

Finding WriteOn allowed Emma to experiment with the wider arts and, while still loving acting, she has branched out into improvisation, performance poetry, writing, directing and producing. Sharing stories and human experiences remain at the heart of her work – in performance and in daily life.She lives in a converted hovel in Cambridge with real carpets and thermal curtains. She’d really love a puppy.

Leigh Chambers- Press Liaison Officer

Leigh Chambers has been acting and writing since her university days many moons ago in Liverpool. There, she was a member of the Early Theatre Group which performed little-known medieval plays and she also directed Ubu Roi, the absurdist classic. Following a move to London, she adapted  Zola’s novel, Therese Raquin for the stage and it was performed at the White Bear Theatre in Kennington. She moved to Cambridge in 2004 and  has been involved with WRiTEON for more than ten years as a writer, actor and member of the Committee. When not involved with drama, she is finishing a novel or presenting shows on the community radio station, Cambridge 105.

Richard McNally- Website Administrator

Richard graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a degree in Drama, before working for four years as Assistant Producer of professional theatre company Cambridge Touring Theatre (CTT). Upon leaving CTT he set up his own theatre company Twisted Willow Theatre, working for the National Trust and staging the innovative sell-out production Seven Words For Love. It was at this point that he was “headhunted” by WRiTEON. Since then he has joined the committee, artistic directed and produced Seasons of staged readings, directed Productions such as the critically acclaimed Butterfly Effect, ran Get it Write Workshops, and done a spot of acting. It is Richard’s producing and directing skills that he primarily brings to the committee.

Richard Peoples

Writing plays can be a lonely business and Richard has found the support and fellowship of WRiTEON invaluable in creating a number of pieces of drama in the seven years or so since he joined. He’s also taken part in collaborative writing projects and taken on the occasional acting and directing role. Before retiring Richard worked for the Open University where among other things he taught drama as part of English literature courses. He has since used this, together with many years of studying, acting in and directing all kinds of plays, to put together a series of WRiTEON playwriting workshops for new and established playwrights.

James Stedman

When James moved to Cambridge and started working with the wonderful Cambridge Storytellers, a passion for narrative and performance was ignited and James got involved in several groups. Spontaneity and character are two of the things James loves most about theatre and as such he is a founder member of improvised theatre group Riot at the Bus Stop and also performs regularly with musical improv group Paper Planes.  He has acted, directed and written for various projects, in particular for WRiTEON’s script-in-hand Seasons, and had his fully-staged writing debut in 2016 as part of the critically acclaimed collaborative project ‘Butterfly Effect‘. James joined the Writeon committee in April 2015 and has enjoyed every minute of helping writers bring their words to the stage. He doesn’t think the theatre is about to let go any time soon and he couldn’t be happier!

Trish Rawson

One of the good things that WRITEON offers its members is the opportunity to try many different jobs and Trish has enjoyed doing many of them since she joined the committee in 2009. She has acted and directed, set up technical and producer Workshops, as well as organising Front of House. But she gets most enjoyment out of writing and has had many plays staged for MaD and First Stage Seasons trying to improve her skills each time.

David Monksfield

David joined the WRiTEON committee in 2007, and is now its longest-serving member. As well as being treasurer for six years, he has done a modest amount of acting (most notably playing a Welsh alien) and written a few comedy sketches. By day, David is a software engineer, lurking in a back room helping to make the internet work.

How to Join the Committee?

Committee members are confirmed yearly at every AGM, though changes sometimes happen during the year, so do get in touch if you would like to put your own or someone else’s name forward for this role.

Who Runs Our Projects?

WRiTEON’s workshops, courses and projects are run either by WRiTEON’s members with relevant education or experience (as well as the needed time and interest) or by outside professionals. The fees paid to facilitators are agreed on a case-by-case basis, but when the facilitator is a WRiTEON member, this tends to be at a nominal rate. Course and project proposals are welcome from all WRiTEON members.

Want to take part?

WRiTEON is an open forum – we welcome people of all levels of experience, and value the socialising as well as the art! Have a browse of our website for details of what’s going on now – and come along to a performance or workshop to see what we do.


If you have any questions, please e-mail enquiries@writeon.org.uk