WRiTEON Festival

Open Call for Plays to be Staged in
WRiTEON Festival





You know that one act play that you’ve written? Or that one you’ve always been thinking about? We want it! WRiTEON are accepting submissions for one-act plays to be staged as part of our festival of new writing which we are producing in Cambridge in the Summer of 2019.

We are looking for scripts that…

…are written for the stage.
Not radio, not the screen!

…are approximately one hour in length.
We will consider plays that are between 40 – 70 minutes when performed. Ideally one-act plays, but hey you’re the writer!

…require up to four actors.
If your story cannot be told with only four characters then we will consider having actors play multiple roles. If we feel your script is awesome we might even cast an extra actor or two! But generally, aim for up to four.

…are of any genre or style, addressing any theme or topic.
Comedy, drama, farce, NOT sketch. Set in the past, present or future. In Cambridge, Antarctica or underground, as long as you make it work!

…are NOT musicals.
Plays with music are welcome, however WRiTEON are not a musical theatre group and we wouldn’t want to commit to staging something that is not our area of expertise!

…are original and have not previously been staged1 before an audience.
It’s okay if you have taken them to a workshop or even a reading, but we’re not going to select Hamilton (also that’s a musical…).

The Selection Process

  • All submissions will be anonymised once they have been received, before being sent to the selection panel.
  • The selection panel will select six plays to stage as part of the festival. Our selection criteria will include the strength of the script, the staging potential and compatibility with other selected scripts with the aim to create a cohesive festival programme.
  • The writers will be notified whether their script has been selected by email in the Autumn of 2018. WRiTEON will be unable to provide feedback or enter into discussion about the selection process on an individual basis with writers of the rejected scripts.

The Writers’ Involvement in the Production Process

  • We will work with the selected writers to find ways of linking the festival productions. This may require making minor changes to the scripts. Our intention is to include a few “Easter Eggs”, such as props, set pieces, character names, music, sections of dialogue or similar devices that are shared by multiple festival plays. Planting these little gems will encourage the audience to watch more than one play. Also, we think it will be fun!
  • WRiTEON will source producers, directors, actors, techies and fund the production of the plays and the festival. All you have to do is write the play!
  • This is an unpaid writing opportunity. Any surplus from The Festival will go to WRiTEON, who as a not-for-profit organisation, will invest it in future projects.

1 Please note, that our submission window is open until 1st July 2018, followed by a selection process. Should your submitted play get staged elsewhere before our final selection decision, please, notify us of this as we will only programme previously unproduced plays for WRiTEON festival in 2019. Once the selection decision has been announced, WRiTEON reserves the first production rights for all selected scripts.