Jean Rees-Lyons is a full-time writer with many credits to her name and also an experienced director. Drawing on the Earth, a creative partnership project was funded by the Arts Council in 2002.  Private sponsorship includes a touring show of Alan Bennett’s Talking Heads in 2003 and her benefit production of The Vagina Monologues in 2004, which received a standing ovation. An historical community play, Watchwords, funded by the Local Children’s Network Fund, was staged in December 2007 at Littleport Village Hall. Her poetic monologue, The Philosopher’s Wife, which she performed herself in 2008 at The Michaelhouse Centre, Cambridge, received a 4-star rating in Varsity. Her monologue, Annie Hurst was selected for performance in November 2009 in the Voices of Todmorden Creative Writing Competition and in June 2010 she created Time, an art-performance piece.


As Chair of The Word Garden (Development in Creative Arts), Jean enjoys the challenge of bringing together professionals, amateurs and volunteers to work in the community. In 2012, she created a community play for young people from personal and factual archive research. The Gypsy Play at Café Marguerite was performed as part of The Family Adams Project celebrations, a project made possible by Heritage Lottery Funding. Jean has been an active member of WRiTEON since 2006 and has directed both her own new work and that of other writers for several Naked Stage and MAD Festivals, as well as serving her time on the committee. Her full length play Cuckoo, which was originally presented by WRiTEON in two separate parts, went on to be performed at Player-Playwrights in London, in 2011.    


Jean holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Community Theatre and is a published poet. She is married to the poet and artist, John Lyons.