Evening Writing Workshops

Summer Evening Writing Workshops

6.45pm-9.45pm – Ross Street Community Centre (Meeting Room), Cambridge CB1 3UZ. £12 each (members/concessions £10)

Julia Bolden will be leading a series of three fun participatory workshops for writers wanting to explore, experiment and share ideas. Each workshop will focus on a specific aspect of writing drama.

Tuesday 11th June –  Exploring Exposition  – How can you reveal essential information to your audience without  your characters either telling each other things they already know or opening their hearts to strangers?

Tuesday 2nd July – Be Kind to Your Actors –  How can you inspire actors to want to bring your characters to life on stage and help them to understand your intentions, without telling them how to do their job?

Tuesday 30th July – Editing Your Work – How can you hone your writing so that every word is essential and no unnecessary padding or repetition slips through?

To register, e-mail workshops@writeon.org.uk