Early History

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Early History of WRITE ON new writers group

‘Write On’ new writers group started out as part of the Year of the Artist, Writing the City project set up and run by Steve Waters for CDC/Junction Productions. This was a year long project which was made up of three separate projects, all celebrating aspects of Cambridge.

Writing In Restaurants: Autumn 2000. Exploring the idea of overheard conversations in cafes revealing hidden stories, performed over a day at the CB2 Café in Norfolk Street.

Roaring Voices: Jan 2001 – June 2001. Monologues written for Menagerie Theatre Company in their programme of new writing. Performed at Cb2 café and CDC.

Notes From The Margins: Spring 2001. Collaborating with Cambridge Refugee Council to document and create an evening of story telling in a venue that in itself has an inherent story such as the Leper Chapel on Newmarket Rd.

New Maps Of The City: Summer 2001. Each piece of writing focused on a specific place in the city, locations that shed light on the city’s past, present or future. Performed at Cambridge Drama Centre.

“EXPOSURE” One Act Play: Autumn/Spring 2001/2. Our next incarnation was as part of Menagerie Theatre Company, who chose twelve local writers to work with their professional playwright in residence Fraser Grace. These writers then had their one act plays given a rehearsed reading by Menagerie Theatre Company at their performance space, CB2 Café.

Monologues: Summer 2002. As well as setting up our group, we have been commissioned by Menagerie to write monologues for their festival of new writing this summer (hotbed festival).

Write On is created: To meet the needs for local writers the Write On new writing group is formed in May 02. Two projects are planned for the year ahead. Menagerie agree to give us a night in their festival in the summer so we can be represented in a festival of new writing in Cambridge. We will be showing our ‘work in progress’ for our first project Cambridge Tales.

Certain members have a more varied history as local writers in their own right. The one thing that has brought us together wanting to start our own writing company is the chance to keep on writing. To bring new writing to a bigger audience in the way we would like to see it done. We would like to give more writers, young, old and from diverse ethnic origins a chance to write. To write about themselves, about their past, our common link: Cambridge and our future. We see writing as a chance to enhance, develop our local environment.

Cambridge Tales: Autumn 2002. Tales about characters, journeys and events that shine a light on Cambridge’s historic and present vibrant population. A very successful show performed at The Robinson Theatre in November.

Cambridge Science Week: Spring 2003. Thirteen short plays celebrating science in Cambridge. Performed at The CB2 Café Basement Theatre.

The Hotel: Summer 2003. A collaboration between Junction/CDC, Classworks Theatre

and Write On. Six writers to be selected to write scenes in a play based in a Hotel in the 1950’s, Crick and Watson have just discovered DNA and this has huge implications on science and the nature of life. The point being that in one sense we are looking into the small and personal world of individuals or groups set against a bigger, global picture that is going to be significant in one way or another for those individuals, but which at the time perhaps they don’t all recognize.

September Project 2003: We are currently in discussion with all our members about what they would like to do for this. All suggestions gratefully received, a decision will be made soon.

The original constitution was put forward and accepted and adopted by the Write On group on the 1/5/02 at its first annual general meeting.