2013 First Stage

First Stage 2013


Artistic Directed by Julia Bolden


First Stage is a series of staged rehearsed readings of new short plays or extracts from longer plays. First Stage 2013 was presented on Sundays 27th Oct, 10 Nov, 17 Nov & 24 Nov. at 7pm in the ADC Bar. Each performance was followed by an opportunity for audience feedback.


The following scripts were selected for performance.


Week 1: Sunday 27th October 2013

THE GIFT by Jane Grieve
What do you do with the gifts you receive? Are you a re-gifter – passing the gift on unused, underutilised? Or do you see the possibilities and make the most of what you’ve got while the gift lasts?
PERFORMED by Richard Peoples, Mavis Perkins & Kim Komljenic
DIRECTED by Clyde Hunter

A man drowns and leaves people searching for a meaning.
PERFORMED by Adrian Ient, Ashley Harris, Sylvie England & Sarah Ingram
DIRECTED by Trish Rawson

BAKING BREAD by Ashley Harris
Bella and John enjoy a winter picnic and are kept warm by the freshly baked bread that Bella makes so exquisitely, until Bella’s friend, Robin arrives.
PERFORMED by Tracey Ives, Michael Southgate, David Monksfield & Ian Bruno
DIRECTED by Pamela Jenner

A Minister tries to bully his doctor into joining a new solution to health costs but gets more than he bargains for.
PERFORMED BY Steve Attmore, Brian Higgins & Lydia Bakelmun
DIRECTED by Lucy Edevane

PRODUCER & MC: Pam Jenner,
LIGHTING: Alan Morgan,
SOUND: Ed Haines

Week 2: Sunday 10th November 2013

Frank and Andrea are on a date, but it is not at all the sort of thing Frank is used to. What is Andrea up to taking him to an art gallery?
PERFORMED by James Stedman, Chris Creese, Rosemary Jolley & Nigel Bailey.
DIRECTED by Michelle Golder

A wedding is the most important day of a girl’s life. Sue and Betty have everything focused on making this one a triumph.
PERFORMED by Sylvie England, Trish Rawson & Eifion Robert Melnyk-Jones.
DIRECTED by Clare Kerrison

THE WOOD by Graeme Curry
Maggie and Gail have been camping in the wood for two weeks, ready to defend it against the quarry’s bulldozers. Now the police are due to arrive.
PERFORMED by Grace Williams, Leigh Chambers & Leon Coleman. DIRECTED by Mavis Perkins

LIFT ENCOUNTER by Michael Pearcy
You are trapped with your boss. Do you smile sweetly or go for broke. What if you happen to have a Stanley knife in your pocket? These few minutes could change your life. Or his.
PERFORMED by Alan Hay, Andrew Bailey & Jessica Smith.
DIRECTED by Francesca Brown

THREE IN A BED by Martin Drury
The first part of a longer play. Two relationships affected by different types of cuckoo in the nest; an exploration of the dangerous attractions of therapy and polyamory.
PERFORMED by Emma Reece, Brian Higgins, Benjamin Kidder, Flaviana Cruz, Steven Kitson & Izzy Rees.
DIRECTED by Julia Bolden

PRODUCER & MC: Julia Bolden
SOUND: Matt Maude

Week 3: Sunday 17th November 2013

DON’T by Kim Komljanec
Youth worker, Poppy is faced with a dramatic situation as one of the kids has trouble facing the consequences of his actions but, as the drama escalates, Poppy also wonders if she can live with the decisions she has made.
PERFORMED by Nigel Bailey, Anne-Marie Hughes, James Stedman, Ed Ward, Izzy Nicolson & Richard Peoples.
DIRECTED by Trish Rawson

LIVING IT by Hannah Greenstreet
Three strangers are brought together for a medical trial. But this is not an ordinary group therapy course. The participants are preparing for The Ultimate Cure and each have their own reasons to complete. In this dystopian world, they consider what makes life worth living.
PERFORMED by Grace Williams, Alan Hay, Tracey Ives & Emma Reece.
DIRECTED by Ashley Harris.

IN THE MOMENT by Charlot King
Self confessed workshop addict, Eric, has returned from his latest retreat a changed man. Ralph thinks it’s all tosh, but is curious about the woman of Eric’s dreams. What man is good enough for Velamine?
PERFORMED by Simon Howarth, Tony Dutton & Lucy Edevane.
DIRECTED by Rosemary Jolley.

IT’S MURDER OUT THERE by Richard Peoples
Sir Henry and Lady Agnes are expecting guests for the weekend in their lovely country home.
PERFORMED by Julia Bolden, Andrew Shepherd, Francesca Brown, Adam Dăŋīęļş, Jenny Scudamore & Peter Stockton.
DIRECTED by Sarah Ingram

DIRTY WASHING by Lorraine Forrest-Turner
Every NHS hospital is under pressure to do more with less budget. Where do staff loyalties lie – with patients, colleagues, the hospital or their own careers?
PERFORMED by Jessica Smith, Colin Hume, Michael Southgate & Andrew Bailey.
DIRECTED by Kim Komljanec.

PRODUCER: Julia Bolden
MC: Leigh Chambers
LIGHTING: Sarah Phelps
SOUND: Matt Maude

Week 4: Sunday 24th November 2013

Welcome to the Highfields Literary Festival, for an interview with top crime writer, Max Harper.
PERFORMED by Jenny Scudamore, Steve Attmore & Julia Bolden
DIRECTED by Dave Pescod

SMASH ‘N’ GRAB by Tim Knight
Money is tight in Leeds, even if you have a well paid job. Mark and John plan to change this, but will their motives get in the way of what they have planned?
PERFORMED by Alan Hay, Adrian Ient & Mavis Perkins
DIRECTED by Gloria Milne

Three young women thrown together discover the true definition of loyalty.
PERFORMED by Anna Hopstein, Roxy Robinson, Zoe Walker-Fagg, Tanya Jarvis & Paul Malpas
DIRECTED by Hadas Selbst

GAPS by Paul Richards
They say that money can’t buy you love, unless of course you’re Lee; who has everything to offer! Apart from his dignity, of course. As Amy, his latest ‘true one’ soon discovers.
PERFORMED by Ashley Harris, Benjamin Kidder & Flaviana Cruz.
DIRECTED by Michael Roland

THE WAITING GAME by Julia Bolden
It looks like some minion messed up and sent everyone the same appointment time.
PERFORMED by Colin Ramsay, Carla Moore, Clare Kerrison, Lydia Bakelmun, Emma Howell & Andrew Bailey
DIRECTED by Nigel Bailey

PRODUCER & MC: Richard Peoples
LIGHTING: Graeme Curry
SOUND: Paul Malpas