StevenKitsonSteven Kitson was born in County Down, came to Cambridge for the University and has never quite got round to leaving. Living in two such liminal places has left him with a fascination for the edges, the interfaces and the in-betweens of things. He still misses the coast, though.

He turned to writing after his first career choice (of intergalactic space explorer) fell through, and he has written for Big Finish's range of “Doctor Who” spin-offs featuring Professor Bernice Summerfield, as well as contributing scripts to several WRiTEON seasons. He is working on a novel set in, around, and at a slightly skew-whiff angle to Cambridge.

Steven has also been known to act, including appearing on stage as Elrond in “The Hobbit” with Hope Players and as Juno in Bernard Shaw's one-act Overruled” for Combined Actors. He will soon be returning to fantasy as the Fool in Bawds' production of “Wyrd Sisters”.

Despite not actually playing video games, Steven works during the day for one of the few remaining independent development companies on titles for various Nintendos, Playstations, Xboxes and iWhatevers; a job which has involved calibrating rollercoasters, shortening elephants, wrangling talkative winged rat-things, tracking rogue CIA agents and speaking to Donald Duck in Russian and Finnish. So that can all get a bit samey. He might find time to put together a website one of these days, once he's sure this internet thing isn't some passing fad.