To be featured in a newsletter and on the People Page of the WRiTEON website:

Just send a 300 word profile (or some facts from which we can create one) and a photo to

You might like to consider including the following:

  • Where you originate from (geographically) and how you ended up where you are now
  • Family stuff
  • What you do/have done for a living/other interests
  • How you first started writing/acting/directing and/or came back to it after a break
  • Training/Qualifications/Other Experience/Notable Productions/Awards/Competitions etc. (if any)
  • Future aspirations
  • How you found out about WRiTEON and what attracted you to the group
  • Your involvement with WRiTEON so far and what you’ve got out of it
  • Anything else that your involvement with WRiTEON has led to

You can just list the answers to the above and we will write it for you or you can wax lyrical on specific aspects. The profile can be up to 300 words maximum. We reserve the right to edit all contributions. It may take a while for profiles to appear on the website and be featured in the newsletter. Once added, whenever you are mentioned in the newsletter your name will be linked to the website profile, so that people can click on it to find out more about you.