Workshop Details

Right For The Stage: Workshop Details

Workshop 1 (18 Jan): Finding Your Voice

How to find your ‘voice’ as a playwright

Where to find ideas and inspiration

How to set out your play script

Workshop 2 (25 Jan): Starting Points For Your Play

Choosing the ‘right’ starting point:

Plot, theme or character?

What makes a good opening for a play?

Workshop 3 (1 Feb): Plots And Plotting

How stories become plots. What moves the plot forward?

Elements of plot: acts, scenes, events.

Working with different plot structures

Workshop 4 (8 Feb): Creating Characters

What makes a character believable, dramatic, multi-layered, interesting and fun for the actor to play?

How much can/should a character change/develop?

Who is the main character in your play?

Workshop 5 (22 Feb): Dialogue And Action

What do the lines do rather than say?

What makes an action dramatic?

How to write, and not describe, action

Workshop 6 (29 Feb): Theme

How does ‘theme’ relate to topic, subject, idea, thought, message?

Where in your play does the theme reside?

How important are the where and when?

What is your play really about?

Workshop 7 (7 Mar): Setting And Time

Finding the right setting for your play

Staging, lighting and sound

Handling time and finding the right starting point

Workshop 8 (14 Mar): Editing, Rewriting, Publishing, Staging

Cutting and/or changing. How to ‘kill your babies’ and be sure it’s the right thing to do.

Processing feedback and not losing your own ‘voice’.

Rewriting with courage and confidence.

What to do when your play is finished.

Extra: Script On Its Feet – Workshop With Actors

In March, we will also hold an all-day workshop where you will have the chance to see your words brought to life by experienced actors and directors. You’ll also receive further feedback and suggestions for development. Participants will need to submit an extract from their script in advance. Each writer and his play will be given a time-slot (45-60 minutes), but you will also be welcome to actively participate in other writers’ sessions which might shed further light on your writing.

Details about this workshop (date, time and venue) will be given to participants of the writing workshops in person. The fee is £30 (£25 for WRiTEON members). Payment details to be confirmed.