Sixty 60-Second Plays

WRiTEON Presents:

Sixty 60-Second Plays

Deadline extended to 1st November 2020

How short can a play be? Can you write a full play that runs no longer than a minute?

WRiTEON is inviting submissions of 60-Second Plays, to be staged in Cambridge (UK). ​This is still intended as a live theatre production in an indoor venue, so we cannot yet say when it will take place.

The plan is to select sixty 60-second plays, all to be rehearsed within a day and presented (as staged readings) that same evening.

Your script can be in any style and on any topic but it must be a complete play, must be in English and must be your own original work.

There is no official limit to cast size.

Set is restricted to a chair or chairs (or nothing at all). Ideally, no specific costumes or props should be required and no music, pre-recorded sounds or fancy lighting effects. We might consider slightly bending one or more of these rules, if really justified, but selection will take into account stageability and compatibility with other selected plays, as well as originality, with a view to assembling a very varied evening of fast-paced entertainment.

Submissions are open to all (no WRiTEON membership required) and there is no submission fee.

Anyone can submit from anywhere in the world. We will aim to ensure that a fair proportion of the selected plays are by writers local to Cambridge, UK (and a proportion from elsewhere).

A writer may submit up to five plays (either all together or separately, between now and the deadline). We will, however, try to include plays by as many different writers as possible.

Submit your script/s (in Microsoft Word, as an attachment) by e-mail to Although the original deadline has passed, you can continue to submit scripts. A new deadline will be confirmed once we are able to set a performance date and book a suitable venue. After that, we will announce the titles of the selected scripts, contact the writers to confirm details and recruit directors and actors.

Please download the below submission form and include it at the front of your submission.