The Shadows

The Shadows

7th – 11th December 2021

A strange scent… An eerie sound in the darkness… A hauntingly quiet memory… What did you just see in The Shadows?

Down a narrow alley, through a creaky old door, in a confined space, a truly terrible event awaits.
A new twist on tales of old; an uncomfortably intimate, unique horror experience that is not for the faint-hearted.
Are you brave enough to endure three terrifying Cambridge stories which will take your breath away?

Narrator – Jazob Z Kilmaszewski

ACT 1- ACQUISITION by Sara-Jane Arbury
Jenny is attending a talk at the Fitzwilliam Museum and custodian Jeff is going to escort her there. Whilst waiting for the lift, they ruminate on life and death and share past traumas before being subjected to a supernatural haunting!
Jenny – Sarah Walton-Smith
Jeff – Mike Milne
ACT 2- THE CHAMBER by Matt Wilkinson
Three students on a ghost hunt have found their way into an ancient abandoned chamber under St John’s College. But why have they been allowed in? And what do the scratches on the walls mean? They’re going to discover that there are some doors that should never be opened.
Rachel – Cara Rowland
George – Tom Heald
Simon – Gabriel Bowker
Dr Mark Campbell – David Gresham
ACT 3 – DRIVE by Leigh Chambers
A woman with a guilty secret seeks refuge in a hotel room, but soon discovers that there’s nowhere to hide when those beyond the grave want vengeance, and are willing to use all their powers to get it.
Woman – Philippa Watts

The show runs without interval and contains strobe lighting


Created by The Cambridge Ghost Writers

WRiTEON worked with 17 writers to collaborate on this latest fully-staged production. The participants received a full day workshop on the horror genre from an industry professional, a stimulus workshop, and a reading from actors halfway through the writing process. Three scripts were then selected to feature in this new production to be developed, rehearsed and performed at the Corpus Playroom.


The development process consists of six stages:


  1. The Weekend Workshops

We hosted a weekend that consisted of two days of workshops (delivered over Zoom) that gave our writers all the tools they needed to write the stories for the play.

Saturday 29th May – The Horror Workshop 9.30am – 5.30pm

This was a full-day workshop on writing horror led by Ian Long, a professional writer who teaches for Euroscript:


Sunday 30th May – Stimulus Workshop 2pm – 5pm

Existing Cambridge Ghost Stories

We looked at existing ghost stories from Cambridge, which they may use as inspiration.

Outlining the Process

We outlined the process going forward and the limitations the writers need to take into consideration when writing.

Technical Overview

We gave a presentation about what is possible technically in the Playroom, i.e. in terms of sound, lighting, set, special effects etc.


  1. The First Writing Stage


The writers then had a little over a month to write the first draft of their short ghost story. 


  1. The Readings


We then had a private reading of all the scripts to help the writers see what is and isn’t working about their story.


  1. Editing Stage


The writers then had about one month to polish their script based on what they learned from the readings.


  1. Selection Stage


A small panel of WRiTEON readers then read all the final scripts that were submitted and selected three to feature in the final performance. Selection was based both on quality and how the three scripts may compliment each other (i.e. no repetition and a good mixture of ages & genders in the characters).


  1. Rehearsals and Performance


The play will then be cast and rehearsed over two months. Richard McNally (Seven Words for Love, Butterfly Effect, Blood Music) is directing the production.  The production will be fully-staged i.e. lines learnt with full set, props & costumes.