The basis of WRiTEON is new writing. The group was formed by and for writers of new drama to facilitate bringing original scripts to life on stage in front of an audience and enable the writers to learn from the process. Look out for the next opportunity to submit scripts for one of our annual seasons of new work or ad hoc performance events (please don’t send us unsolicited material) or come along to one of our regular feedback meetings to try out work in progress.

Our writers are of all ages and levels of experience. Some of them have seen their pieces performed on professional stages, heard them on the radio or had them published. Some wrote their first piece for performance with us. Some of our writers started out as actors or directors or improvisers and have been inspired by the creativity around them to try their hand at scriptwriting. Many of our writers work in other genres as well.

WRiTEON gives writers the chance to see and hear their work performed by actors and receive feedback from a passionate and well-informed audience.

If, after that, you want to take your work further, WRiTEON provides opportunities to meet others with similar ambitions with whom you might collaborate to pursue greater goals. Many of our members have done (and continue to do) just that; putting on full productions of their work locally or further afield, e.g. at The Edinburgh Fringe. Or, if you want to submit your work elsewhere for others to perform, see our links page for a list of theatre companies who specialise in new writing and/or advertise that they will read unsolicited manuscripts. Some will comment on the scripts, some won’t. Some may charge for the service. Some provide other services to aspiring writers, such as training. Visit their websites or contact them to find out their current needs before sending material. This information is provided as a starting point only. We do not have any connection with the companies listed.