Zoomologues Duologues

Zoomologues Duologues

‘It was so real. Brilliant energy.’

‘I think I may prefer zoom to the experience of being in a theatre!’

‘What a fantastic evening!’


WRiTEON’s 2020 lockdown-inspired Zoomologues continue apace.

Here’s what one of the actors said:

‘Zoom is a perfect technology for this sort of writing, and I’ve loved the intimacy of the performances and the supportive environment in which to make comments. I think I may prefer Zoom to the experience of being in a theatre! I love the close up on the performers’ faces, and the only sound is the performer’s voice, no rustling, intrusive bar noises, whispering etc! I love that you’ve provided that space for new writers to be brave and share their work’ Sarah Ingram

In the first three rounds, between May and August, 36 monologues by 23 writers were performed by 28 actors, over six nights, to an invited audience on a live Zoom video call. 

For the fourth Zoomologues round, we have branched into duologues. Once again, we were delighted to get a good response from writers. Twelve scripts have now been selected for performance on Zoom, over two nights, in October 2020. 


Writers will be notified of whether or not their scripts have been accepted by Sunday 20th September. We will also be contacting actors, to offer them roles in those pieces which are not being performed by the writers themselves. 


Writers & Actors will be sent a link to join the Zoom call. Each piece will be followed by an opportunity for the other writers, actors and invited guests to share feedback. 


Currently, there are no further Zoomologues planned after Round 4 (Duologues) but we may decide to have a Round 5 at some point in the future.