Zoomologues Gallery Suggestions

Zoomologues Gallery Suggestions

Here are some suggested portraits on which you might like to base your character. Click on the links to see the pictures. See guidelines for full details of script requirements and how to submit. If none of these inspire you, you might prefer to choose your own (in which case please include artist, title and a link to the image on your submission form).

You can choose to specify that your character is either the same or different to the artist’s original intentions, in terms of age and gender, or not to specify either way. You can request a specific actor (no promises, though!) or leave it to us to determine how to cast the role. Please give your character a name (this might the name of the actual model or subject of the portrait or a different name of your choosing).

Gustave Courbet – Le Désespéré

Federico da Montefeltro – Duchess of Urbino

Federico da Montefeltro – Duke of Urbino

Zharia D Shinn – Duke of Urbino

Zharia D Shinn – Duchess of Urbino

Nefeli Chrysanthou – Peasant Girl

LS Lowry – Self Portrait

Anthony Meucci- Euphemia Toussiant

Théodore Géricault – A Madwoman and Compulsive Gambler

Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – An Old Man in Military Costume

Jan Lievens – Bearded Man With A Beret

Pierre-Auguste Renoir – Girl Braiding Her Hair

Édouard Manet – Berthe Morisot with a (unseen!) Bouquet of Violets

George Harrison – Portrait of an African

Amedo Modigliani – Jeanne Hébuterne

JM Whistler – Man Smoking a Pipe

Diego Vélazquez – Portrait of Innocent Pope X

Mary Cassatt – Lady at the Tea Table

Amedeo Modigliani – Madame Kisling

Friedrich Georg Weitsch – Alexander von Humboldt

Michael Peter Anche – Young Woman from Skagen Wearing a Scarf