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This Submission Deadline Has now Passed

‘It was so real. Brilliant energy.’

‘I think I may prefer zoom to the experience of being in a theatre!’

‘What a fantastic evening!’


Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out! Here’s another chance to submit a script for WRiTEON’s Zoomologues.

So far, our Zoomologues project has seen 24 monologues performed, over four nights, to an invited audience on a live Zoom meet-up.

Here’s what one of the actors said:


  ‘Zoom is a perfect technology for this sort of writing, and I’ve loved the intimacy of the performances and the supportive environment in which to make comments. I think I may prefer Zoom to the experience of being in a theatre! I love the close up on the performers’ faces, and the only sound is the performer’s voice, no rustling, intrusive bar noises, whispering etc! I love that you’ve provided that space for new writers to be brave and share their work’ Sarah Ingram


For the third round, we are trying something a bit different and asking writers to create a monologue for a character inspired by the subject of a portrait painting. Pick one of our suggestions (click here for our list) or, if none of them inspire you, find a portrait that does. One for which the look could easily be recreated by one of our actors, using items they have at home. Our example shows Richard Andrew McNally as Le Désespéré by Gustave Courbet. There’s no need to do extensive historical research (unless you want to). You can interpret your character in absolutely any way you like.

If you want to ask ‘Would it be OK if I…?’ The answer is ‘Go for it!’

You can specify that they are either the same or different to the artist’s original intentions, in terms of age and gender, or leave us to determine how to cast the role. If you know our actors and have a particular one in mind, you can tell us on your submission form (although we can’t promise they will be available and not in too much demand by other writers!). Otherwise, we will try to cast an actor with a suitable ‘look’. We will ask them to wear appropriate head/neckgear.


Unlike other WRiTEON projects, there is no need to be a WRiTEON member to submit and no submission fee.

This Submission Deadline Has now Passed

The two evenings of performances will be held on two of the following dates, depending on the availability of the writers and actors:

Monday 24th August 2020

Tuesday 25th August 2020

Thursday 27th August 2020

Each piece will be followed by an opportunity for the other writers, actors and invited guests to share feedback.

The fourth Zoomologues submission opportunity will be announced on Sunday 9th August, with a deadline of Sunday 6th September.