About Us

About Us

WRiTEON is an open scriptwriting forum made up of a large and diverse group of writers, actors, directors and producers from the Cambridge region and beyond.

What we do:

  • Provide a supportive and creative environment to encourage established and emerging playwrights, actors and directors to experiment and develop their skills.
  • Organise professionally led Workshops for theatre, radio and screen writers, actors and directors.
  • Stage Seasons of rehearsed readings such as our First Stage (formerly Naked Stage) and MaD (Monologues and Duologues) seasons.
  • Stage fully-rehearsed, fully-staged Productions of new writing, such as our critically acclaimed collaborative project, Butterfly Effect (4 Stars- Varsity & Cambridge Theatre Review).
  • Offer a paid Feedback service where our experienced drama practitioners and writers will read your script and offer you face-to-face feedback on your writing.
  • Work with other organisations in Cambridgeshire to foster the vibrant new writing and community of our region.

Our Annual Report for 2014-15 is available here.

Our Annual Report for 2015-16 is available here.

Our Annual Report for 2017 is available here. 

Our Annual Report for 2018 is available here.

Our Annual Report for 2020 is available here.

Who runs WRiTEON?

WRiTEON is run by a committee comprising:

Richard McNally – Co-Chairperson

Richard graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a degree in Drama, before working for four years as Assistant Producer of professional theatre company Cambridge Touring Theatre (CTT). Upon leaving CTT he set up his own theatre company Twisted Willow Theatre, working for the National Trust and staging the innovative sell-out production Seven Words For Love. It was at this point that he was “headhunted” by WRiTEON. Since then he has joined the committee, produced seasons of staged readings, directed productions such as the critically acclaimed Butterfly Effect, ran Get it Write Workshops and done a spot of acting. It is Richard’s producing and directing skills that he primarily brings to the committee. He took over from Kim Komljanec as artistic director in 2018. Since then he conceived and ran The WRiTEON Stage Festival which saw 6 one-act plays performed for 5 nights at the three ADC Theatre venues. He also co-produced the 2019 season of First Stage and the Zoomologues project with Julia Bolden. He pleased to now be sharing the WRiTEON leadership responsibility with Julia. 

Julia Bolden – Co-Chairperson

Julia happened upon WRiTEON when she moved to Cambridge in 2007. She joined the committee in 2008, took over the chair from Michelle Golder in December 2012 and passed it on to Kim Komljanec in February 2016. She continued to be involved in running workshops, producing and directing (including staging the two Wimpole Hall projects with Kim in 2016 & 2017 and being on Richard’s July 2019 WRiTEON Stage Festival team). She co-produced First Stage with Richard in November 2019 and together they set up the Zoomologues series (new writing presented on Zoom) during the 2020 pandemic. In the midst of the latter, she was asked to re-join the committee and surprised herself by agreeing without hesitation! She has had a number of her own scripts performed by WRiTEON (and a few rejected!). Other stagings of her writing have included Venus and Mars and Other Myths of Mr and Ms (Life Experience Productions, Edinburgh Fringe 2009), Alternate Slices (Twisted Willow, Corpus Playroom, 2018) and Come Dine With Mr Shakespeare (Roo Theatre Company, Edinburgh Fringe 2019). She took part in The Literal Challenge’s 28 Plays Later (2019) and 29 Plays Later (2020), writing a play a day throughout February.


David Monksfield – Treasurer

David joined the WRiTEON committee in 2007, and is now its longest-serving member. As well as being treasurer for six years, he has done a modest amount of acting (most notably playing a Welsh alien) and written a few comedy sketches. By day, David is a software engineer, lurking in a back room helping to make the internet work.


Antony Quinn

Antony has decades of experience as a flawed human being, from a chaotic childhood in Newcastle, Ireland and Bedfordshire, to an eclectic and sometimes anxious adulthood in France, London and Cambridge. Along the way he’s been a linguist, marketer, engineer, designer, first responder and entrepreneur. Not out of some master plan, but because he was driven to find meaning in life and to assuage his inner demons (still a work in progress). He’s been acting with WRiTEON since 2011 and wrote a short play for Scene at the Museum in 2012. Alongside his partially-successful entrepreneurial life, he role plays difficult people for leadership training in the NHS, appears as an extra in TV and film, draws mildly amusing cartoons and occasionally teaches improv.

Mari Vindis

Mari has a Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Birkbeck College, University of London. She writes plays, short stories, screenplays and contributes to MIR online magazine.  She wrote and produced the short film “Esmeralda” (2019) which is being considered for film festivals in 2020/21. She is currently writing her first novel.  As well as a big fan of Shakespeares, her favourite plays are Chekhov’s ‘The Cherry Orchard’, Ibsen’s ‘The Dolls House’ and practically anything by Tennessee Williams – yeah, she’s old school. 


Sultan Kus

Sultan was one of the stewards at the WRiTEON Stage Festival 2019 and 2020, and was subsequently asked to join the committee. Sultan has a diverse career and leisure-time experience, her main interests being in human behaviour, communication, and leadership skills. Sultan is a longstanding member of 3 Toastmasters International clubs, where she is actively developing her public speaking and leadership skills further. In the Cambridge club, she has served as Club President, run the first Speechcraft programme for Cambridge Union, and founded a new branch, namely Cambridge Assessment & Cambridge University Toastmasters Corporate Club.  She also became the Area G41 director. More informally, she has offered stand-up comedy classes and has a strong interest in acting and theatre. Sultan is a life-long learner.

Andrew Bailey

Andrew has done nearly every role in amateur theatre, except writer. He has been associated with WRiTEON since the early days, initially as a performer, and has taken part in numerous projects over the years. WRiTEON has also given him the opportunity to develop his directing skills, most recently with the WRiTEON festival in 2019. Before WRiTEON, he worked with Classworks in Cambridge, Oxford Dance Theatre (Fiddler on the Roof), Studio Theatre Club, Oxford (Life of Brian and more), ManAct (Sweatlodge Project at Tramway in Glasgow) and Strathclyde Theatre Group. He is by temperament an engineer.

How to Join the Committee?

Committee members are confirmed yearly at every AGM, though changes sometimes happen during the year, so do get in touch if you would like to put your own or someone else’s name forward for this role.

Who Runs Our Projects?

WRiTEON’s workshops, courses and projects are run either by WRiTEON’s members with relevant education or experience (as well as the needed time and interest) or by outside professionals. The fees paid to facilitators are agreed on a case-by-case basis, but when the facilitator is a WRiTEON member, this tends to be at a nominal rate. Course and project proposals are welcome from all WRiTEON members.

Want to take part?

WRiTEON is an open forum – we welcome people of all levels of experience, and value the socialising as well as the art! Have a browse of our website for details of what’s going on now – and come along to a performance or workshop to see what we do.


If you have any questions, please e-mail enquiries@writeon.org.uk

A History of WRiTEON Chairs

2020 Richard McNally & Julia Bolden

2019 Richard McNally

2018 Izzy Rees

2017 Kim Komljanec

2016 Kim Komljanec

2015 Julia Bolden

2014 Julia Bolden

2013 Julia Bolden

2012 Julia Bolden

2011 Michelle Golder

2010 Michelle Golder

2009 Michelle Golder

2008 Sarah Ingram

2007 Irsan Ismail

2006 Peter Daldorph

2005 Geoff Broad

2004 Peter Daldorph