Affiliated Artists

Affiliated Artists


In addition to our paid-up members who, from 2021, can enjoy all the benefits of our More for Less Membership Scheme, WRiTEON also continues to value the contribution made to our organisation by a large number of Affiliated Artists.

There is no fee to be a WRiTEON Affiliated Artist. You become one simply by getting involved so, if you have ever:

  • Acted in a WRiTEON staged reading or full production
  • Directed for WRiTEON
  • Done Lighting/Sound/Costume/Make-Up/Music for any sort of WRiTEON show
  • Attended a WRiTEON Workshop
  • Had a script performed by WRiTEON

(whether or not you have been a paid-up member at any point in the past) you can already call yourself a WRiTEON Affiliated Artist and continue to be part of our valued wider community.


If you are new to us and would like to become involved in any of these ways, you should:

If you also want to be able to submit scripts for performance, attend workshops, get tips and challenges and exchange feedback, you might want to consider becoming a paid-up member (see here).