Kim Komljanec


Kim Komljanec is a playwright, dramaturge and theatre director. After a degree in French and Slovenian languages and literature from the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, she was awarded an MA in playwriting and script development from the University of Exeter, UK in 2010.

Kim has had numerous plays produced by both fringe and big repertory theatres in Slovenia, as well as several of her short plays staged in the UK. She was a resident playwright with the Royal Court Theatre and has had a full-length play staged in the USA.

Kim writes in both English and Slovenian languages and currently lives in Cambridge (UK) but remains active also in Slovenia, working in both countries with theatres of all shapes and sizes, as well as running workshops for playwrights, actors, drama teachers and directors. She continues to further her education in all areas of theatre by attending workshops and master classes and by meeting and working with playwrights and theatre makers from all over the world.

Kim joined WRiTEON in 2013 and soon got involved as a writer, actor, director, committee member and workshop leader. She took over chairing WRiTEON in the spring of 2016.